My wife and I saved for half a decade for her dream kitchen. We shopped every home show, big box shop and everyone in between. We came across HIS Cabinetry accidentally and are we glad we did. The sales executive was amazing and went above and beyond the many others who came and bid the job before him. So, what stood out the most and pushed HIS above the rest? It wasn’t our rep’s punctuality (not only did he show up the day he said he would, he showed up on time – in this industry in Florida, that is a shocker), it wasn’t even his style of giving ideas and constructively giving solutions to what my wife wanted (where others said it wasn’t possible, he thought outside the box). What stood out most about HIS and all the staff; from sales to designing through the production stage and even the installation crew was their honesty. Our kitchen has many angles and was a tough custom job. They were upfront that there probably would be a few speed bumps through the process however the difference between HIS and the other guys on the block is they would make it right without question. As issues came up (always small but in the eyes of my wife, everything that was not perfect or how she imagined was the size of Mt. Everest). Boy, did HIS always come through. They followed up after the completion to make sure we were happy and then called again three weeks later to see if we were still satisfied. We are thrilled with the final product and the experience was wonderful and the quality is amazing I mean, everything is made right here in Pinellas county and not farmed-out to other large production shops (I even drove over to check for myself and saw my cabinets being cut out of maple blocks – amazing)! So, someone asked me at work today if I would I recommend HIS – without hesitation I said ABSOLUTELY.

-David H.


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